Asus Windows 8 Powered Tablet

Asus Unveiled the Windows 8-Powered Tablet 600

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Asus Windows 8 Powered TabletAsus has offered an alternative to the Transformer series and it recently unveiled a new tablet called ASUS Tablet 600, which is powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 and runs Windows 8. Asus’ quad-core tablet will be paired by 10.1” (1366 x 768) IPS+ display and 2GB of RAM. The whole device should run Metro UI remarkably well. Under the hood, the Asus Tablet 600 offers standard wireless technology options, such as NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi. The rear camera would be a whopping 8Mp shooter and the front-facing camera would be minor step up from the common Windows fare, running 2Mp.

Asus hasn’t revealed the battery life performance, but we may safely assume something more akin to the 10 hours of battery life we have seen on Transformer tablets. Despite Intel’s commendable work with its Medfield processor, ARM-based solutions are still generally seen as more frugal. This advantage should pay dividend on tablets running Windows RT. Availability and pricing details haven’t been confirmed at this stage.

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