ARM’s New Acquisition May Make Photo-Realistic Games on Smartphones Possible

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ARM GeomericsThanks to ARM’s recent acquisition, future smartphones could effectively eclipse mobile game consoles. ARM has recently acquired the Geomerics, a 3D gaming firm known for its true-to-life gaming solutions based on photo-realistic imagery. It appropriately handles in-game light sources, such as the sun and lamps to make sure all shadows are appropriately controlled, positioned and seen.

Both companies didn’t disclose the actual terms of deal, but it is likely that Geomerics would run as a subsidiary. The company’s 3D technology has been implemented on newer PC and console games, including Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Need for Speed: Rivals and Battlefield 4. Geomeric’s innovative technologies have improved the gaming experience and we would soon witness the emergence of photo-realistic games in mobile devices. The integration of ARM and Geometrics could accelerate the realization of this vision to bring the console-level graphics to mobile devices.

Electronic Arts, the major game publisher, is an important client of Geomerics and it supports the merger. For game developers, the emergence of smartphone as a new generation mobile game consoles would mean a significant expansion of potential consumer base. It is possible that future Adreno GPU models will be fully optimized for Geomeric’s impressive technology.

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