ARM Release Mali 450

ARM to Release Mali 450 for Mid-range Devices

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ARM Release Mali 450ARM is developing Midgard architecture and T6xx GPUs for upcoming high-end devices. At the same time, the Mali 4xx GPUs will be transferred to mid-range segments and the company is currently preparing a new GPU chip called Mali 450. The Mali 450 will be twice as powerful compared to the Mali 400 used in the International version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. It has twice as many cores (8 cores) and should be roughly similar in performance level compared to the overclocked version of Mali-400 used by the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Mali 450 is really just a Mali 400 GPU with the same clock speed, but with twice as many cores. It means, there’s still a possibility for manufacturers to increase its clock rate further, like the way Samsung did with the Mali 400 GPU used by Samsung Galaxy S3.  ARM will also release T604 in 2012 and T658 in 2014 for high-end devices, which are expected to smash current mobile records for graphic performance.

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