Archos G10 XS

Archos G10 XS – Upcoming Archos Tablet

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Archos G10 XSArchos recently unveiled details about is upcoming tablet, the G10 XS. A promotional video shows that the tablet would be extremely thin and just like the Asus Transformer series; it will come with an integrated keyboard.

At just 7.6mm thick the tablet is nearly paper-thin and apart from the fact that it would run Android 4.0, we know nothing about other details.

Overall, the tablet bears resemblance to an Intel reference design and if this assumption is correct, the tablet could be powered by the Intel Medfield processor. Of course, everything is mere speculation as of now.

For years, the French company has been into the tablet space. While Archos only sees mediocre success in the global market, it is generally seen as the provider of good quality tablets at more affordable prices. Archos recently released the Archos 80 G9 with dual-core 1.5GHz processor and the 16GB model costs only £239.99 in the UK, while the updated line is already shipping with Android 4.0 on board. The G9 tablets are Archos most attractive series, the previous model use a processor that’s tuned at 1.2GHz with the PowerVR SGX540 that promised flawless 3D experiences. Unfortunately, some of Archos’ tablets are available only in Europe. It is clear that with proper distribution and marketing, Archos can convincingly compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

As of now, Asus Transformer series is considered as the most popular with its integrated keyboard. If Archos is hoping to make some kind of dent to Transformer’s sales, it should at least provide similar performance level at lower price.

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