Apple’s New Patent Can Control How The iPhone Falls

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Apple How The iPhone FallsApple has filed a new patent called the “Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device”, which offers some protection against drops. The description mentions the use of internal position sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer to determine whether the device is in free fall. Imaging sensors and GPS can also be employed to improve the accuracy of the detection process.

The goal is to minimize damages caused by changing the device rotation, positioning and angular velocity. A software calculates the best impact position to prevent or limit damages, using specific variables, such as speed, fall height and others. The technology can slow down a free fall with gas container and foils to lessen the impact.

However, it’s not known whether the elaborate system can fit into current smartphone designs that move towards lighter and slimmer handsets. Obviously, a lot is happening to prevent the phone from being wrecked, but surely, users want everything to be set in place to save their iPhones.

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