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Apple’s iOS 6 May Mean Nothing to Microsoft

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Apple iOS 6Microsoft and Apple are bitter rivals in the desktop and laptop market. In the mobile space, Microsoft is a struggling old-timer; it had developed Windows CE in early 1990’s and released Pocket PC 2000, which was used on PDA-phones and early smartphones. On the other hand, Apple is relatively new, but it is now one of the market leaders in the phone industry. The iPhone’s maker is expected to release the iOS 6 very soon. Many would suspect that the iOS 6 will make it even harder for current and upcoming Windows Phone handsets to gain stronger share in the market.

However, experts believe that the iOS 6 will have minimal effect for Microsoft in the mobile space. Its real concern is to roll out a product that’s mature and capable enough to directly take on the competition. So when Apple unveils the iOS 6.0, Microsoft’s executives might be watching from afar with just a passing interest as the company has something more important to do – namely, executing current plans with Windows Phone 8 and make some major moves, perhaps including acquiring Nokia.

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