Apple’s Board May Have Plan To Replace Tim Cook

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Apple May Have Plan To Replace Tim CookApple is being affected by slumping stock prices and lackluster products offering. Now, there’s rumor that the company is seeking to oust Tim Cook from its position. Forbes reported recently that sources in Wall Street said that Cupertino is attempting to regain investor confidence and boost stock price by replacing the current CEO.

Despite the significantly declining stock price from its $700 high in September last year to $390 recently, there’s no solid evidence that Apple’s board is planning such a coup. Despite its poor stocks performance, Apple still has huge cash reserve at about $137 billion, which Tim Cook can used for acquiring or developing new technologies.

The company may also offer investors some dividends to prevent further stocks price decline. It was hinted by Wozniak recently that Apple is working on new products and technologies, which could revolutionize the industry. The mobile industry will be evolving more rapidly and Apple may be caught in the crossfire of change if it refuses to perform necessary actions.

Cupertino needs to re-assert its reputation as a disruptive force in the industry, like what it did with the original iPhone and iPad. Sadly, there’s nothing especially impressive with the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 compared to competitors’ high-end devices.

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