Apple A6 Processor

Apple’s A6 Processor Is Faster Than Expected

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Apple A6 ProcessorBased on our experience, the A6 processor is fast little thing and this might result from improved architecture and higher clock rate. An updated result from Geekbench 2.3.6 comes with a more granular detection for processor clock rate. It is believed that earlier version of Geekbench has some trouble determining the exact accuracy of Apple’s A6 processor. Previously, it was reported that the A6 processor has a clock rate of 1GHz running on two cores.

The new benchmark result shows that the A6 processor runs at 1.3GHz, but it isnlt known whether it is only a temporary bump. The new processor seems to outpace the older A5 processor used in the iPhone 4S and A5X processor in the New iPad. Apple claimed that the A6 processor is twice faster than the previous A5 chip. It uses the more advanced 32nm manufacturing process developed by Samsung and more efficient at running complex instructions.

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