Apple vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung War Proves to be Costly

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Apple vs SamsungPrior his premature death, Steve Jobs declared a “thermonuclear” war against Google’s Android and claiming the company blatantly ripped off many elements of iOS. The all-out legal onslaught was launched three years ago and it is still failed to do much damage to Android. Case after case of patent infringement has proven to be a very expensive for both sides. Apple has won a series of minor victories forcing its rival into temporary setbacks requiring the search engine giant to remove numerous features. In turn, the iPhone maker also lost a few rounds and it has been forced to modify some of its products.

Two major cases in the US, one against Samsung and another against Motorola may potentially inflict more serious wounds on involved parties. These cases involve intellectual rights behind the core of the platform. Whoever losses might face significant financial consequences, which could rise prices for end users. The first patent battle against the Android community was launched against HTC in early 2010 with legal complaints filled in Delaware, while first conflict with Samsung began in April 2011 and with Motorola in October 2010.

If Apple wins these, both Android manufacturers need to introduce critical modifications or pay a large sum of fee for using the technology. Both Samsung and Motorola have counter-sued Apple, claiming the iPhone maker stole ideas from other firms.

Apple has a huge share in the US smartphone market, thanks to the iPhone series. However, Android convincingly outsells Apple in the world market, with a market share of 50 percent, while Apple only has nearly 20 percent.

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