Apple iPad 2 Energy Efficient 32nm A5 Chip

Apple Upgrades Latest Batches of iPad 2 with Energy Efficient 32nm A5 Chip

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Apple iPad 2 Energy Efficient 32nm A5 ChipThe single core iPad 2 with its 9.7” (1024×768) display might look a bit dated, but it’s a choice for many with the $399 price tag. And now to make the tablet more attractive at the same price point, Apple decided to use the newer 32nm A5 processor on the latest batches, while the original iPad 2 comes with 45nm A5 processor. Any processor with smaller die will have lower power consumption, which results in longer battery life. New releases of the iPad 2 now have 2 hours of additional battery life. Anandtech reported that the highest energy saving is achieved by demanding 3D games at 29 percent, followed by video playback at 18 percent and web browsing at 15.8 percent.

However, visually new batches of the iPad 2 are similar to older ones. iPad 2 units equipped with 32nm A5 processors are internally called iPad 2,4 and if you see that number mentioned somewhere in the product description, you might assume that you have an updated unit. The current manufacturing cost of 32nm A5 chip may already be equal to that of the 45nm version, when the iPad 2 was released. The update certainly gives another reason for consumers to choose the iPad 2 instead of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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