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Apple Significantly Reduces the Prices of Older iPad Models

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Apple iPadThe unveiling of the new iPad has sparked a rush of pre-orders before the tablet is released on March 16. Apple has also brought down the price of the iPad 2 by $100 to $499. It is easy to suggest that Apple wants to compete with other popular tablets in the market such as Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab family. However, seeing as the Amazons tablet is just $199, the discounted iPad 2 might not be too attractive for those prioritizing on lower prices. You could still buy a couple of Kindle Fire for the price of an iPad 2. Even the cheapest iPad model, i.e. the original iPad (WiFi only and 16GB of internal storage) is still $100 more expensive than the Kindle Fire.

Definitely, the price drop of the iPad 2 will put some pressure on manufacturers who are trying to undercut the iPad. Although there are many sub-$200 tablets before, the Kindle Fire has changed the market. It is also necessary to note that the iPad 2 is better than the Kindle Fire in terms of processing power, graphic performance and the battery life. These advantages may persuade consumers to invest more to get a more capable tablet. For about $250, users can also get a refurbished iPad and it doesn’t mean there was something bad with the device to begin with. Refurbishing is a common term for re-inspecting and repackaging a used device for a resale. A refurbished iPad should get Apple’s stamp of approval, meaning it doesn’t redistributed by a business that doesn’t affiliate with Apple.

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