Apple New iPad 4G

Apple Re-brands the New iPad 4G

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Apple New iPad 4GApple quietly renames its iPad, due to continued pressures from regulators and consumers groups concerned that buyers are being misled over the data technology used. The new iPad WiFi + 4G is now simply called as the new iPad WiFi + Cellular.

Apple’s latest tablet has faced intense scrutiny in UK, Australia and elsewhere over whether its advertisements mislead and confuse consumers. The more generic “Cellular” term can imply support for GPRS, 3G and 4G. Consumer rights watchdogs in Australia were among the first to voice concerns over the new iPad’s true capability, arguing that while it has built-in LTE support, the frequency bands are incompatible with Australia’s wireless network. Carriers in some countries also use WiMAX, which the new Apple’s tablet lacks support for.

Apple replied that the “4G” term is used to indicate connection speed, not support for specific technology. However, Apple agreed to post clarification; which carriers in Australia that could use the new iPad’s complete capability. Soon, the problem could be solved entirely as Telstra is planning to add more LTE frequency bands to improve compatibility with International devices.

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