Apple May Remove Google Maps from iOS 6

Apple May Remove Google Maps from iOS 6

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Apple May Remove Google Maps from iOS 6Apple is on the verge of abandoning Google’s mapping solution altogether for a new in-house 3D mapping service. The technology was developed by the C3 Technologies, which Apple acquired last year. It followed previous acquisitions of other mapping companies, Poly9 and Placebase, which led us to believe that the company may be planning to wean its products off Google’s service. Apple will show off its latest OS version, the iOS 6 in June at the Worldwide Developer Conference. Rumors said that the app will feel and look similar to Google maps, but offers more reliable user experience. The 3D technology would be the main highlight.

On the other hand, the Google Maps 6.7 was released recently delivering new features, such as “Offers” which allows users to get attractive deals from local stores on the go. The new Google Maps version also adds indoor walking direction and 360° interior photos. This helps users to get direction to any indoor location, which is practical in larger building.

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