Apple 7 Inch iPad Tablet

Apple May Release a Smaller $200 Tablet Later This Year

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Apple 7 Inch iPad TabletRumors on upcoming iPhone and iPad models just won’t die. There are reports that a smaller, affordable 7” iPad will come out. Citing an anonymous source, iMore revealed that a $200 iPad is due in Q4 2012, probably at October. Led by Amazon Kindle Fire, 7” Android tablets are currently quite popular in the market. Jobs may stir in his grave, but a smaller, affordable iPad seems to make sense. B&N Nook and Amazon Kindle Fire are not outselling Apple iPad by any means, but they attract many users who only need a workable eReader. It has been proven that people are willing to pay $200 for tablets with more basic features. Apple is crushing the competition at $500 and above, while the $200 segment is dominated almost entirely by Android tablets. For Apple, releasing a low cost, smaller model might cement their domination in the tablet market for many years to come.

Months before his passing, Steve Jobs derided 7” tablets as meaningless unless they come with sandpapers to sand down their fingers to a quarter of their original size.

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