Apple May Release 128GB iPad With iOS 6.1

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Apple 128GB iPadSources are spreading word that Apple will release a new iPad model, which is likely a variant of the iPad 4. Other similarities are that it will be available in WiFi and (WiFi + 3G) versions as well as black and white color options.

However, two major differences are 128GB of onboard storage and the newer iOS 6.1.Recently, references to a 128GB iPad were discovered on the iTunes 11, raising speculation on Apple’s plan to release a tablet with much larger internal storage capacity. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the new iPad model is designed only for government agency or internal uses.

This is something the company has done previously and there’s no doubt it will release new devices not intended for retail purposes. It’s also not clear whether many consumers really need an iPad with onboard storage larger than 64GB.

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