Apple May Be Planning to Release the Affordable iPhone Air

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Apple iPhone AirAccording to sources, it is believed that Apple is preparing to release the iPhone Air or iPhone Mini, which is an affordable version of the iPhone 5. The phone will be priced between $250 and $300 off contract. This is surely a marvelous proposition as the full fledged iPhone 5 16GB is currently available for $649 off-contract.

The iPhone Air will be a big boon for Apple in markets where it competes against affordable, high performance smartphone models. As an example, Xiaomi is offering a powerful smartphone model for only $320. As a whole, the iPhone Air will easily gain traction in emerging markets like China, India, Russia and Brazil.

The phone will have much lower margin compared to full-fledged iPhone models, but it will still bring in sizable revenue when sold in millions. Experts say that the phone will be released before Q3 2013 and it will surely be welcomed by Android users seeking to upgrade their entry-level handsets.

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