Apple May be Developing Low-Cost iPhone Variants

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Apple Low Cost iPhone VariantsRecent reports revealed that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone model which represents a significant shift in corporate policy. The more affordable iPhone model should work as an alternative model to price-sensitive consumers who currently prefer budget Android devices. The cheaper iPhone variant should be as capable as earlier models, but still with latest software platform.

One possible difference is the use of polycarbonate shell, instead of the lighter, but more expensive aluminum housing. There’s no official confirmation from the company and even it’s true, there’s still a possibility that Apple will eventually scrap the plan.

Cheaper iPhone models might seem like a feasible business decision as Apple is experiencing decline in global smartphone market share. The company reached its peak in Q4 2011 with 23 percent global share, but only 14.6 percent in Q3 2012. On the other hand, with its diverse array of Android devices, Samsung’s global share rose from 8.8 percent to 31.3 percent from Q3 2010 to Q3 2012.

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