New iPad in Australia

Apple is Urged to Change the New iPad Name in Australia

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New iPad in AustraliaThere’s another development related to the ongoing controversy of the new iPad and its 4G data connectivity issue in Australia. The Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is attempting to get Apple changes the name of its new tablet in Australia. In Australia and other countries, Apple has been marketing the new tablet as a device with “WiFi + 4G” capability. However the company quickly ran into legal issues when the ACCC and other consumer groups believed Apple was misleading consumers. Apparently, the tablet failed to work on 4G network in Australia as it uses different frequency.  Apple has refunded consumers who thought they were buying a working 4G device and various notices are now displayed more clearly warning that the new iPad isn’t working with Australia’s 4G network. However, unfortunately, ACCC thinks that it isn’t enough.

The case is significant for Apple as it is an embarrassing admission that their product falls short of what have been claimed. This is bad news for the major tech company, who were also blamed by antenna-gate issue on early batches of iPhone 4 and the heat-gate issue on the new iPad.  If this case progresses, it may act as a precedent for how the company should sell its products and offer refunds on faulty devices. Telstra currently runs the only LTE network in Australia and it works on a different frequency from those in the United States. The new iPad could work only on standard 3G connection and enhanced 3G connection (HSPA). There were reports that Telstra is planning to change its 4G frequency, which could throw the new iPad back into play in this country.

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