Apple iOS 6.0.1

Apple is Preparing to Release iOS 6.0.1

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Apple iOS 6.0.1Apple is currently testing the iOS 6.0.1, which include fixes to a number of issues found on the original iOS 6.0. The company will release the update soon, probably next week. Previously, users reported that lines sometimes appear on the screen when an app folder is opened or the keyboard is launched and the iOS 6.0.1 offers a fix to this horizontal lines bug. The update should also correct issues with the camera flash, which refuses to fire in some situations.

iOS 6.0.1 will bring better WiFi reliability as many users experience significantly crippled WiFi performance. There is also a patch to fix the data connection issue. Meetings for calendar invite group are sometimes cancelled unexpectedly in Exchange and this will be also addressed. It is also reported that Apple is preparing a bigger update, the iOS 6.1, which will add some new features and include changes.

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