Apple Refunds for Buyer of the New iPad

Apple is Offering Refunds for Buyer of the New iPad in Australia

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Apple Refunds for Buyer of the New iPadA consumer group in Australia recently announced that Apple is planning to issue refunds for owners of the new iPad who aren’t satisfied with its “4G capability”. Curiously, Apple delivered the new iPad to the Australian market without informing consumers about this issue. The 4G network in Australia uses 1800MHz, while the new iPad operates on different frequencies, which are 700MHz and 2100MHz. The tablet is being advertised locally as a “WiFi + 4G” device, which drew criticisms from numerous consumer organizations. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission threatened to sue Apple unless it changes the marketing campaign and offers refunds to misled buyers. It has been reported that Cupertino will issue refunds to consumers and it will publish a statement that warn would-be buyers about the incompatibility issue.

Apple will also distribute email messages to buyers who purchased the device to confirm the issue and offer them a refund if they’re dissatisfied. However, the company doesn’t immediately respond to this development. When iFixIt dismantle the new iPad, it found a note saying that the product isn’t compatible with the 4G network in Australia and Australian buyers will only get 3G speeds. Apple doesn’t currently reveal that in its website or on marketing messages, so some buyers in Australia might not be aware of this fact. A direction hearing is scheduled in the middle of April, followed by mediation and a hearing on liability. There’s no word whether Apple will release a modified device for the Australian market in the future.