Apple iPhone Will Have the Senses of Taste and Smell

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Apple iPhoneLike robots in sci-fi flicks, mobile devices are becoming more human-like with the ability to feel with accelerometer/gyro, hear with mic and see with camera. A startup from San Francisco is aiming to add two more senses, by giving the iPhone the ability to taste and sense. The Adamant Technologies has developed a processor that manages a collection of small sensors that can digitize inputs from the environment.

This has always been a difficult problem to solve for computer engineers to solve. Identifying chemicals in the air is relatively easy, but computers have a more difficult time differentiating between the smells of chocolate and pizza. To compensate for the complexity of human’s brain, Adamant Technologies use 2,000 sensors, while human nose only has 400 sensors.

Adamant’s official apps for the iPhone are still a long way to become commercially available; but we should see great results in a couple of years. To enable the technology, the company will release a device that can be plugged into the phone and it costs only $100 or less.

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