Apple iPhone is Believed to be the Most Vulnerable Smartphone

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Apple iPhoneAs part of the computing world, smartphones require solid security solutions. Most of the time, these issues are focused on Android OS, which is believed to be more vulnerable to malware intrusions. However, recent study tells us that iPhone users should pay more attention to security issues. Surprisingly, the Apple iPhone is more vulnerable than Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android combined.

SourceFire analyzed data collected from various sources and the results are rather surprising. The iPhone is more likely to be affected by security problems as the company releases security fixes constantly. The iPhone carries 210 security vulnerabilities or 81 percent of issues found in the mobile industry.

BlackBerry has only 11 issues, Windows Phone has 14 and Android has 24. Like Windows OS, in the PC industry, cybercriminals are working harder to find vulnerabilities, so more of them are found. On the other hand, the largest threats found on the Android ecosystem are apps downloaded outside Google Play store.

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