Apple Share in Mobile Gaming Industry

Apple Grabs 84 Percent of Revenue in Mobile Gaming Industry

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Apple Share in Mobile Gaming IndustryThere’s one big reason why game developers prioritize more on iOS than Android: Apple has 84 percent of revenue share in the mobile gaming industry. This could be influenced by Apple’s better transaction system. App Store connects to consumers’ credit card information automatically during a transaction, thus creating a painless, seamless user experience. Once users set up an Apple ID on an iOS device, they simply need to enter a password when purchasing games. There’s no entering credit card numbers or any billing information. The steps are so straightforward that Apple needed to introduce measures to prevent children rack up expensive in-app purchase bills.

Across all platforms, mobile gaming players have grown to 101 millions in the United States alone. This is broken down into 21 percent of people playing on tablets and 69 percent on smartphone. More people are introducing gaming habit to their daily routines, such as during train commute or leisure times.  The result again confirms last year’s findings that iOS holds five times more revenue in mobile gaming than Android.

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