Apple Fixes Siri’s “Best Smartphone” Answer

Apple Fixes Siri’s “Best Smartphone” Answer

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Apple Fixes Siri’s “Best Smartphone” Answer While it was hardly earth-shattering news, Siri amusingly told iPhone 4S owners that Nokia Lumia 900 was the best smartphone. Apple took notice and the company chose to educate virtual assistant by letting her know where she lives in. Now when asked which smartphone is the best, Siri simply answers “The one you’re holding” or “You’re kidding, right?”. The Nokia Lumia 900 was initially featured in Siri’s version of best smartphone, which is based on consumer rating gathered from the Wolfram Alpha. Siri is still officially a beta service and it is referred as such in Apple’s website. The service is available only on the iPhone 4S and it is known for its unique personality, which helps to effectively establishes an emotional tie with users.

Siri received very positive reaction for its practicality and ease of use. In fact, Google conceded that Siri could potentially pose a significant competitive threat. However, the virtual assistant was criticized for its inability to decipher speeches of English-speaking users with distinctive accents, including Americans from southern states and Scottish.

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