Apple Denies Involvement in NSA’s Effort to Spy iPhone Users

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Apple iPhoneThere have been concerns that Silicon Valley companies are already being drawn into the NSA’s shadowy activities and this time Apple denies any involvement. The spy agency allegedly tries to hack into iPhone devices and monitor users’ activities. According to Der Spiegel, the NSA uses a special code called the Dropout Jeep to infiltrate various computing and mobile devices.

Apple has joined other major tech companies, Cisco and Google, in denying any cooperation with the NSA. The company said that it is unaware of any effort to hijack its products.

The implanted software allows infiltrators to track and retrieve important data from mobile such as the contact list, text messages and gallery. They are even able to control the phone’s camera and microphone, making each iPhone unit a remote camera and spying bug. It is not known where Der Spiegel got the information; but we know that Edward Snowden also worked with the magazine before.

Since Apple recently has a major deal with the China Mobile to sell its iPhone models, this report comes a rather sensitive time for the company. China Mobile is the largest carrier in the country with about 700 million subscribers and the allegation that iPhone may be vulnerable to break-ins by US government agency could represent a significant obstacle for Apple.

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