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Apple Could be Working on a 7.85 Tablet

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Apple Android TabletSince the early releases of 7” Android tablets, we have anticipated that a “Mini iPad” would be released one day. Over the years, speculations and rumors for the tablet has only increase. As competitors are gaining strong presence in the market with Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab, Apple might finally realize that small Android tablets are undercutting its iPad series. The assumption has been that to improve its sales, Apple will eventually need to take on and cheaper and smaller version of the iPad, but until now all of this has been pure conjecture.

Recently, new reports have been surfacing suggesting that a prototype of the iPad with 7.85” display does indeed exist. However, market observers still can’t draw a conclusion on whether or not the mini iPad is slated for a release this year. Rumors say that the 7.85” display will have 1024 x 768 pixels resolution, which means it will have lower pixel density than Samsung Galaxy Note.

These claims coincide with a smattering of rumors on the Mini iPad that have persisted in recent months. Some pointed out that, it has been clear to them that the tablet has been in late development and prototyping stages, for example, various blogs dedicated to Apple’s products reported that leaked information has been coming from the supply chain in China for months now and the speculation gained stronger legitimacy when The Wall Street Journal reported in February that Apple executives has been showing off new designs of the smaller iPad with display resolution similar to the iPad 2.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the Mini iPad is viable enough to be considered as in the same generation with the new iPad (iPad 3), but with smaller screen. Given the astounding popularity of the new iPad, users of Kindle Fire and other smaller tablets are potential candidates for new Apple’s customers. However, as Apple regularly set higher prices for its products, price conscious consumers may choose cheaper Google Nexus tablet instead.

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