Apple Co-founder Says the iPhone Falls Behind in Features

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Apple iPhoneSteve Wozniak, The Apple co-founder, made another interesting comment on the company’s smartphone. He acknowledged that there are still many loyal iPhone users, who are proud of their devices. However, Wozniak warned that their loyalty isn’t given and Apple still needs to try to bring the best things to the market. Even many iPhone users would agree that the iPhone falls behind in certain mobile features. Other phone makers have caught up and Wozniak admitted that Samsung is a major competitor that is producing great devices.

Samsung has been getting huge success with three main Galaxy S models and dozens of their minor variants. Compared to the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S3 has larger display and longer battery life. Samsung also introduced a number of practical software-based features, including the S-Beam and Smart Stay. With S-Beam, users can share files quickly by tapping two enabled smartphone units and Smart Stay uses the front-facing camera to detect users and prevent the display from turning off.

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