App Ops Will No Longer be Available for Prepaid Android Smartphones in the UK

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App OpsAndroid 4.4.2 has just been released and it will eventually make its way to prepaid smartphones in the United Kingdom. One significant change the removal of a hidden feature, called the App Ops. It was actually invisible until users installed 3rd party apps. App Ops allows users to choose which data a newly-installed app can have access to.

It’s obviously an important security feature, but why Google chooses to remove it. Apparently, Google decides that the app isn’t ready for general public use. App Ops may potentially render some apps unusable when used improperly. The feature was available initially on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, through the more recent Android 4.4.1.

Some are already questioning the move and if the feature does break 3rd-party apps, there’s no reason why Google doesn’t have the ability to rework it. The disappearance of App Ops on Android 4.4.2 could be an alarming development for users in the UK who want to prioritize more on security.

Google may need to learn how Apple addresses this issue. The iOS requires app to push notifications before potentially critical information is gathered. Google admitted that it accidentally released the feature and it was actually still in testing phase.

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