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App Developers still Prefer iOS Compared to Android

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iOS vs AndroidThere’s no doubt; in terms of units sold, Android is definitely winning the game. It is currently the most popular mobile platform and Android can be found in many devices from cheap, low-end smartphones to tablet/netbook hybrids. But, Flurry Analytics reported that by the end of 2011, about three-quarter of new app projects are for iOS, compared to Android at slightly above a-quarter. The gap seemed to widen, as at the end of 2010, about one-third of app projects were intended for Android. A lot of it maybe caused by the recent release of iPhone 4S and iOS 5. The year 2011 saw further expansion of Apple’s devices, including the iPad 2, which was released earlier of the year. Flurry found that Android app developers earn much less than iOS app developers, iOS apps can generate four times more revenue. Put another way, for every dollar iOS app developer gets, Android app developer can only make 25 cents.

Why the gap? It appears, fragmentation is a big issue here. Developers for iOS app only create apps for a few devices with relative uniformity, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Developers who create an Android game need to take into account the vast range of smartphones and tablets, including variations on screen size, resolution, processor, GPU and modifications vendors make on Android source code. It’s easy to picture how a bunch of Android developers simply throw up their hands in frustration and abandon the project. Google recently announced that its Android Market has served more than 10 billions downloads and at this moment, worldwide downloads have reached 1 billion a month. Google predicted that developers will continue to create more apps for Android apps to get wider audience. However, if Flurry’s reports are to be believed, Google need to make some more efforts to attract developers, such as finding ways to minimize the fragmentation issue.

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