Samsung Galaxy SIII - Maybe

Another Images and Details of Samsung Galaxy SIII Are Leaked

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Samsung Galaxy SIII - MaybeDespite numerous leaked images and details, many are still left wondering just what Samsung’s next flagship might look like. Numerous leaked images have thickened the plot somewhat, some sources has posted what might be the actual images of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, supposedly leaked by an unnamed Samsung employee, although as you might immediately suspect, this could be just part of Samsung’s marketing ploy. It is important for any phone maker to keep the market interested before the actual product is released. Some interesting details were leaked as well. The source said that Samsung is juggling between two launchers; one is Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, while the other is the stock Android 4.0 launcher. Implementing TouchWiz UI is a risky move for Samsung, as consumers expect a custom launcher with at least the same quality with the stock launcher.

The device might feature a huge 4.7” Super-AMOLED Plus display with 720p resolution. The display will nearly takes up the entire phone front side, while narrow bezel space reserved for speaker grill and front-facing camera. It is said that the phone would be powered by a quad-core Exynos processor as well as a spacious 2GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy SIII might also pack a whopping 12Mp rear-facing camera with LED flash. Understandably, the phone will use a 2250 mAh battery to keep the operational life reasonable. It is indicated that the Galaxy SIII will use the micro arc oxidation process for its ceramic back, which is also used for the HTC One X. Source

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