Android’s User Interface Top Designer Say Good Things About Facebook Home

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Facebook HomeMany wondered whether Google would react positively when Facebook released its Home interface. It is intended to bring Facebook updated and various related information. Quite recently, Android’s UI head, Matias Durate, praised Facebook Home for its great attention to details and incredible amount of polish.

Durate further added that Facebook did a wonderful job expressing the experience of its social networking environment. He didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that Facebook Home replaces plenty of stock Android experience. Durate’s approach to this issue does correlate with the openness principle of Android OS, which allows just about anyone to make necessary changes and customization’s  The HTC First is the earliest to be equipped with FaceBook Home, which sits atop a stock Android version.

Other manufacturers have also applied significant changes to Android OS, in particular, Amazon with its Kindle tablet series. These tablets don’t even officially support Google Play store and lack a number of basic Android services in place of Amazon’s own solutions.

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