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Android Market is Integrated to Google Play

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Google PlayIt’s time to say goodbye to Android Market. Recently, it is integrated to Google Play, a place where users can get videos, music, books and Android apps. Google Book, Google Music and Android Market all now redirect to a new portal, Very soon, Android Market apps for tablets and smartphones will be replaced by the Google Play Store app. The company stated that it isn’t a change in functionality, only in appearance and branding. Listings for books, music, videos and apps would look mostly similar to previous services, but users will easily notice difference in logo and domain name. The switch shouldn’t cause broken link issues, because each individual item redirects to its respective page on the new system.

The branding change is generally understandable as Google is aiming to compete directly with Apple’s iTunes. Over the years, Google has established a complex network of services that include movies, books and music. Maintaining a simplified system makes sense, considering that Apple has much easier time in managing its digital products. Google is pushing the idea of placing all content in a single place and cloud is an important part of this strategy; no synching required and all purchased content will be transferred automatically to the device. It is an answer to the iCloud, but Google services can be accomplished entirely with web-based interface. Figuring out the right balance between standalone Books, Music and Android services is certainly tricky and many experts will review whether the Google Play can serve users well.

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