Android is the Most Vulnerable Mobile OS

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In the PC industry, Apple’s operating systems are historically considered to be more secure than the competitors, especially Microsoft Windows. The same assumption may also apply to the smartphones. Juniper Network Inc. reported that Android devices may have a six-fold increase in threats since July 2011. It is quite unlikely to see nearly the same number of threats in Apple’s mobile devices as we see on Android. Vast majority of threats come from third-party apps on apps market sites other than the Google’s Android Market. Apple customers are less likely to be infected, because apps are only available on the Apple’s App Market. Android’s open nature is certainly appealing to developers and users, but it makes the platform more susceptible to attacks.

Android apps are often not checked and pirated apps can be downloaded easily on major file sharing sites. Also because Android has surpassed Apple’s iOS in market share, hackers are more likely to target Android. The obvious solution is to download apps only from the Android Market and install a reliable antivirus. Contrary to popular belief, Android antivirus apps do work, although they are not bulletproof solution for any viral infection. There are so many Android malware out there and getting one is not that difficult, even if you use the phone normally. Some analysts warn that the threat could be over inflated as security developers are eager to increase the sales of antivirus apps.

However, although an antivirus app may fail to protect your phone from latest malware, the built-in data wipe and remote tracking features are useful when your phone is stolen or lost. Some apps, such as McAfee Wavesecure and Norton Mobile Security are available for free and offer a number of useful security features. However, no antivirus app can replace caution and common sense. Source

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