Android Device Activations Reach 700,000 Each Day

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AndroidSteadily, activations of Android devices are climbing toward one million each day. Andy Rubin, Google’s Android chief recently revealed on Google+ and Twitter, that more than 700,000 Android devices are activated each day. He said that Google only counts activations of new devices, not re-sold ones. “Activation” simply means users purchase the device on a store and put it on the carrier’s network. This is a sharp increase compared to when more than 550,000 devices are activated just a month ago. Rubin announced in June that the number reached 500,000 per day, also a significant hike from 350,000 activations in April.

With these numbers, it is clear that Android has become among the most popular mobile platform around the globe. According to Nielsen’s survey results, in the U.S., about 44 percent users use Android devices, HTC is the most popular Android device manufacturer in United States with 15,8 percent market segment, followed by Motorola and Samsung, with 10 percent each.

The Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of Android OS and it made its debut in December, via Google’s latest phone, the Google Nexus Prime or Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Owners of other Android devices are eagerly waiting for an update; however, Google has only just released Android 4.0.3 as the baseline version for third-party vendors. It’s quite tough to nail down the actual release date for each manufacturer, because phone makers usually make their own modifications to the stock Android source code.

Despite its growing success, Android is not without challenges as the platform is facing quite a few lawsuits on patent infringements from a number of major tech companies.

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