Android-Based Airplane Hijacking Hack is Challenged by FAA

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AndroidDuring a security conference called the Hack in a Box; a participant, Hugo Tesco showed an interesting hacking method using an Android device. However, it is the object that drew people attention. Hugo claimed that it is possible to hijack an airplane using the method. FAA and EASA have come forward to deliver their official statements. They assure that such an attempt is impossible to succeed. Hugo argued that a couple of aviation systems, specifically the aircraft communications arresting and reporting system, and the automated dependent surveillance-broadcast are unencrypted and unauthenticated.

He bought the radio transmitter and flight code software from eBay and immediately got to work with developing the airplane hijacking method. Hugo also developed a special Android app called PlaneSploit, which takes advantage of possible vulnerabilities in aircraft. It is claimed that the app can take control a Boeing aircraft with autopilot engaged. Rockwell Collins, the company that produces the purportedly hijacked systems recently explained Hugo Tesco used only virtual plane to test his theory. So this may not work in real aircrafts.

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