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Android Accounts for Half of Smartphone Used in the US Market

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Android SmartphoneApple’s iOS and Google’s Android continue to dominate the smartphone and tablet market in the United States. More than 70 percent of smartphone users in the US own a mobile device that runs these immensely popular platforms. However, comScore recently reported that Android is reaching out for more. Now, slightly more than half of smartphone users (50.1 percent) is using Google’s mobile platform, up 3 percent from November last year.

Apple’s share in the market has increased at a similar rate, to 30.2 percent in February this year, up to from 28.7 percent in November last year. Americans are not so enamored with devices running other platforms, such as Nokia’s Symbian, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and RIM’s BlackBerry OS. In the same period starting from November 2011 to February 2012, Microsoft’s Windows Phone fell to 3.9 percent of market share or a 1.3 points drop. On the other hand, BlackBerry OS dived to 13.4 percent or a 3.2 points decline.

Also during the same period, 234 million American older than age 13 use mobile phones, with 104 million of which used smartphones, a 14 percent increase in just three months. A recent report by Nielsen discovered that for the first time in history half of mobile phone users in the US market own a smartphone, a sharp increase up from 38 percent from 2011. Samsung continues to reign in the industry as its mobile devices accounted for a quarter (25.6 percent) of the entire market.

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