Android 4.3 May Include Bluetooth Low Energy and OpenGL ES 3.0

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Android 4.3One of the more important highlights in the upcoming Google I/O event could be the new Jelly Bean version (Android 4.3). Google may be delaying the next major Android release, Key Lime Pie, until Motorola readies the X Phone. We have recently seen that Google transfer files mentioning the Android 4.3 to developer pages.

During a meetup posting, HTC reveals two new definite features to be included with the update.

BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy can be enabled on smartphones that have accelerometer as well as humidity, pressure and temperature sensors inside. There could be new capabilities that can be applied through the availability of BLE.

HTC also announces the OpenGL ES 3.0, which is a mobile graphics standard available with newer Qualcomm processors. This should enhance graphics capability and it was rumored previously Google wanted to hire games developers for an unknown purpose.

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