Android 4.2 Quick Settings

Android 4.2 Will Include Quick Settings Feature

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Android 4.2 Quick SettingsNew rumors on the Android 4.2 are surfacing. Recently, it was revealed that the Gmail app on the new Android version will feature swipe gestures and pinch-to-zoom ability. Now, it is believed that the Android 4.2 will have Quick Settings feature.

Unsurprisingly, the interface will get a revamp and it comes with a few rewarding twists. The setting menu shortcut is not a new thing for Android users, as HTC and Samsung has implemented this feature. In addition, many Android users simply put the Settings shortcut on the homescreen for quick access.

With the new feature, users can easily access the dropdown box to control features like WiFi, data access, Bluetooth and others. Obviously, the new enhancement to vanilla Android OS is a good addition for users.  The notification bar also goes about ¾ of the way, so it’s possible to see some parts of the interface.

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