LG Optimus G Nexus

Android 4.2 Will Be Released With LG Optimus G Nexus

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LG Optimus G NexusGoogle’s next official smartphone will be released by LG and it could be called the Optimus G Nexus. The phone is being lined up for a debut in November this year and more importantly, it will feature a new OS, the Android 4.2. Google regularly releases devices with early examples of its Android versions. HTC, Samsung and Acer have contributed so far and it’s LG’s turn now.

The Optimus G Nexus is likely a modified or enhanced form of the Optimus G. The phone is originally planned to sports Android 4.0, but rumors are now rife that Google has chosen the phone for its next OS release. It is also indicated that the Optimus Nexus G will not only the first phone to get Android 4.2, but it’s also the first device capable of being updated to Android 5.0.

Google regularly uses playful confectionary-related moniker arrayed in alphabetical order, so the Android 4.2, should be named K-something, quite likely “Key Lime Pie”.

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