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Android 4.1.2 Update for Galaxy S3 Will Include Multi-Windows Capability

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Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung, the South Korean company, is still not able to fully distribute Jelly Bean update for its flagship, the Galaxy S3. Many of us, who haven’t gotten the taste of Google’s multi-colored confectionary, might already be thinking about how Android 4.2 would look like. As revealed by some sources, Samsung Galaxy S3 will get Android 4.1.2 update in December. The update will fix a few bugs, improve stability and add a number of new features, including the multi-window interface. The capability was previously introduced with the Galaxy Note 2, although its initial implementation wasn’t entirely smooth.

With the new feature, users of Galaxy S2 would be able to split their display into two different sections. This would be a good example of Android’s multitasking ability, as two different apps can run concurrently in each window and users would be able to seamlessly switch between apps.  It isn’t clear which Galaxy S3 version should expect to obtain the update. Some people in Europe and Asia have received 4.1.1 update, but others still use Ice Cream Sandwich.

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