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Android 4.0 Update Plans Roundup

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Android 4.0 UpdateAfter the release of Android 4.0, many people are expecting to receive the update, no matter how old or how small their device might be. But, unfortunately, not everyone can get one. Often, phone makers keep the update plans quiet to avoid annoying customers with delays. However, after Ice Cream Sandwich was released, there seem to be a rush of promises for updates as phone manufacturers are scrambling to make their smartphone future proof. Here’s what has been collected about the planned update to Android 4.0:

HTC Smartphones HTC has announced its plans for an upgrade to Android 4.0 and the latest one claimed that it seeks to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to some of HTC phone models starting from early months of 2012. The announcement specifically mentioned the phone models, including EVO 3D, HTC Sensation XE, HTC Sensation XL and HTC Sensation. If your phone is older than HTC Sensation, you shouldn’t get too hopeful and if you have a low-end model, such as HTC Wildfire, you shouldn’t even think about it. If you really want an Android 4.0 device, you may as well ditch it right now.
Motorola Smartphones The company has gone public about upgrading its latest dual-core handset, the Motorola RAZR. If you own a Xoom tablet, there is a good possibility that you’ll get an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich as well.
Samsung Smartphones Google announced that the Nexus S will be upgraded to Android 4.0. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any official statement about other Samsung handsets. There is a possibility that Galaxy Tab, Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note will get an update.
Sony Ericsson Smartphones Good news for those who have bought a Xperia this year, Sony Ericsson promised that all 2011 Android models will get an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich at some point.

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