Android 4.0.4 Arrives to HTC One X

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HTC One XHTC has rolled out a minor Ice Cream Sandwich update (Android 4.0.4) for the HTC One X as well as an improved version of the Sense UI. The Taiwanese company said in a statement that the update should be able to map menu function in the “Recent apps” key. This approach should improve visual presentation in older apps and improve tab managements in browser.

HTC One X will get other improvements as well such as continuous auto-focus mode and refined white balance for the camera, also a unified Facebook login across apps and websites opened in browser. HTC stated that the update delivers software-based improvements to Beats Audio, but it didn’t provide exact details. While the update won’t bring HTC One X to Jelly Bean, the company still confirms that they have plan to release the major update to various devices, including One S, One XL and One X.

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