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Analysts: Google Play Characteristics Are Killing Developer Revenue

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Google PlayAndroid continues to be a disruptive element in the mobile industry and analysts repeatedly point out its biggest drawback: monetization. A new story popped out recently reporting that Android developers only get on average 24 cents for every dollar of revenue from Apple’s iOS

Originally it was thought that the problem was caused by transactional inefficiency. Google fails to provide a seamless way for users to pay, which cause them to feel reluctant to slog through the paid apps section of Google Play Store. A follow-up report highlights another reason that may hold back developers from making more money

Some analysts hypothesized that Google needs a curated store, but that’s impossible due to inefficient app distribution model.

Android developers currently get 89 cents from Amazon Appstore, for every dollar iOS developers generate, which may seem to confirm the hypothesis.

Looking at the above figures, it’s difficult to imagine that curation doesn’t have a role in revenue generated by developers. On the other hand it is hard to define factors that can be fully attributed to the curation characteristics of a mobile apps store and those that are affected by other forces in the market.

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