Android 4.0.4 Samsung Galaxy Nexus

An Update to Android 4.0.4 is Released to Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Android 4.0.4 Samsung Galaxy NexusThe Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released commercially as a demo unit on how an Ice Cream Sandwich device should be implemented. It shot up easily to the top position of smartphone hierarchy as it involves two major names in the tech industry and it was the first device to have Android 4.0 OS. For awhile, the smartphone seems got stuck with the Android 4.0.2, but that finally changed after Google announced the availability of a minor update to Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android 4.0.4. In a few days, a notification for the update is bound to pop on your screen as Google has rolled it out over-the-air. Should you feel a bit impatient, it’s a good idea to check for the update manually every few hours. Google promised an enhanced stability performance with the minor update; screen rotation will be much smoother and the number recognition will also be improved. There will also be some improvements on the camera performance.

The only caveat is, the minor update will be available only for owners Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It is a bit sad to say that if you’re a Verizon’s subscriber, there’s still no word for an update as it won’t land on the CDMA version of the phone. With the arrival of Nvidia Tegra 3 devices, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus may no longer be the most advanced, but it still delivers stunning performance for average users. The computing power comes from an ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor and the Super-AMOLED display offers crisp, clear  graphics.  Despite a few snags like the sub par rear-facing camera, the Galaxy Nexus is still among the best performing handsets in the market.

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