Asus Transformer Prime

An OTA Update Bring Performance Improvements and Longer Battery Life to Asus Transformer Prime

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Asus Transformer PrimeAn update is recently released for Asus Transformer Prime owners in the US and Canada, so they might need to check their device for the update notification. The new update bumps up the Prime’s firmware to and it features a number of useful enhancements and bug fixes. For starters, users reported noticeable improvements in homescreen performance, browser performance and battery life. In addition, if Face Unlock is something you appreciate, you should be glad to know that the capability is now available to the Transformer Prime.

A few months ago, Asus distributed free GPS dongles for owners of Transformer Prime due to concerns about the GPS capability. The new update also brings about some useful improvements to the GPS feature, allowing the tablet to lock onto a satellite faster. Unfortunately, the update seems to come with a few new glitches such as GPU issues and web browser crashing. But, they seem to affect only small number of users.

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