An iPhone 4 Caught Fire On Board An Airplane

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When it was released, the iPhone 4 was the hottest phone in the market and recently, it was, literally, the hottest stuff on board an Australian airliner. A statement was issued by the Regional Express Airlines saying that a passenger’s iPhone glowed and began releasing dense smoke. Fortunately, the incident occurred when the plane was still on the tarmac at Sydney airport. Flight attendants immediately extinguished the glowing iPhone and no one was hurt. Scorched marks were visible on the back of the handset and the glass was completely shattered. The cause of the fire is still unknown. However, Apple, the phone maker said that it had no precious record of an iPhone self-igniting.

Apple’s representative in the Australia said that the company followed a very rigorous procedure to prevent unexpected problems. Defective units are identified quickly, but even then, it is still a rare occurrence.

It is still not known whether the handset used genuine or fake batteries. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of fake and counterfeit products that are targeting iPhone users. Some dealers offer cheap iPhone batteries, including the battery replacement service. Apple’s representative urged users to seek information online on how to spot fake batteries. Previously, even Apple had problem with officially-issued batteries. Thousands of early iPod Nano were recalled as the battery may overheat when the battery ages and the problem was traced to a mistake in supplier’s manufacturing process. Battery recalls can be very expensive, they cost Sony $429 million when the company recalled about 10 millions notebook batteries. Source

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