Intel Medfield Smartphone

An Intel Medfield Smartphone Will Arrive Later This Week

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Intel Medfield SmartphoneA smartphone running Intel Medfield processor will hit the shelves later this week. Intel CEO, Paul Otellini, spoke to analysts and reporters outlining key points his company expects to hits as the year wears on, from new Ultrabook designs to future Ivy Bridge processors. The launch of first Intel-based smartphone is another important milestone for the company. In CES 2012, it was revealed that Motorola Mobility and Lenovo will release smartphones powered by Intel Atom X2460 Medfield processor. Similar announcement with Orange and ZTE were also made at the MWC (Mobile World Congress). However, he declined to elaborate on how the new smartphone would be like. Reports said that the handset will be available in India and it will come from Lava International. Lava and Intel also announced the device in the MWC. An unnamed source said that the phone, called Xolo X900, will feature a 4.03” display and powered by Intel’s Medfield chip.  Over the next few months, Intel will also roll out 22nm Ivy Bridge processor, which will power the upcoming Ultrabooks and this processor may eventually make their way into tablets. The Ivy Bridge processor will be released for Ultrabooks, notebooks and desktops, which are expected to provide greater power efficiency and better performance.

Intel’s entry in the smartphone industry will put it in direct competition with ARM and it said that although Intel has huge resources, it still lacks the experience and capabilities to dominate the tablet and smartphone spaces. On the other hand, the upcoming Windows 8 will support SoC architectures, including ARM’s chips, allowing them to power energy-efficient devices, like netbooks.

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