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An Image of Galaxy Nexus Tablet is Leaked

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Galaxy Nexus TabletThe Galaxy Nexus tablet is slated for a spring release and we may finally get a sneak preview from one leaked image. A photo is circulating revealing a slim and sleek tablet sporting sparkling red backdrop with a number if icons speckled across the interface.

Of course, there’s been no confirmation that it is the actual Google’s Galaxy Nexus tablet, but there are a few clues that it might be. Among the most believable giveaways are icons of Google-only services and apps, as well as the iconic ICS soft keys, suggesting that the tablet will run a stock Android 4.0 OS.

The image indicates the presence of microSD card slot, SIM card slot and a microUSB port. The tablet may support keyboard dock connection as there is a special port for that.

Even so, there are also a few things that work against the assumption that the image is a Nexus tablet. The tablet looks like a 10″ device instead of a 7″, which is the rumored size for the tablet. Also, it still uses the old App Market icon instead of the white-blue-red icon for Google Play, although it could also mean that the render was released internally by Google and Samsung before Google Play was launched. A closer inspection of the device reveals that it has an odd combination of volume and power buttons.

It is rumored that the Nexus tablet will be available for around $199, although it also hasn’t been confirmed. More details are expected at Google I/O Conference in June this year.

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