An app for Fake Driver’s License is Pulled from App Store

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Developers of the controversial app, called License are trying to defend themselves after it was pulled from the Apple’s App Market. which is originally an online education course for new drivers, released an app that can be used to create fun versions of driving license for fifty states. The app was yanked from the store after a senator from Pennsylvania voiced concerns that people can use the app to create fake driver’s license. It is widely considered that national security systems rely on the validity of government-issued documents, including driver’s licenses. Yet, wrong people, including terrorists may create counterfeit licenses with the app, which effectively bypasses the identity verification process. A fake driver’s license can be used to apply for a legitimate document, including passport. However, defended the app, it argued that the fake licenses use low image resolution, different fonts and a logo of Overall, it might difficult, if not impossible to create counterfeit licenses with the License app.

The developers argue that it would take too much effort to modify the app and it would be easier for counterfeiter to simply start create a new app from scratch. says that it fully supports the campaign of making government-issued documents secure, but it believes that the government is aiming the wrong target. said that no one contacted them before the app was pulled and in any case, no one examined the app thoroughly. developed the game as an entertainment app and it is created for children and teenagers to play with.

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