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Amazon Releases an Update for Kindle Fire

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Kindle FireAmazon recently released an OTA (over-the-air) update for the Kindle Fire to resolve some touchscreen issues and improve performance. The version 6.2.1 is issued to users and can be delivered directly to connected devices. If your wireless Internet connection isn’t reliable, you can choose to download the update and apply it manually. With the update, Amazon promises more sensible touch responsiveness and faster performance. Items can now be displayed in carousel to improve usability and the password lock for Wi-Fi access can definitely improve the security. Previously, numerous Kindle Fire users complained about issues that affect web browser, touchscreen and other services. Some say that the touchscreen is too sensitive and prone to accidental touches. In fact, the screen is so sensitive that it reacts to near-touches. Users demanded for lower sensitivity, which can improve the tablet’s usability.

Even so, these problems haven’t done anything to hamper the tablet’s growth. It is Amazon’s best selling product and may still see more precipitous climb until early next year.  Currently, more than four million Kindle devices are sold each month. The tablet’s success may be spurred by its low price of $199 and Amazon’s free shipping offer. The tablet is optimized to run Amazon’s digital products primarily e-books. Kindle Fire is now the second-most popular slate behind Apple’s iPad and Amazon said that Kindle Fire is its most successful electronic product ever. The company is building millions more units to meet the unbelievably high demand. Kindle Fire is the best selling product in Amazon’s network for eleven straight weeks and during the Black Friday, Kindle’s sales had quadrupled.

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